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At GUNDAL Care we take pride in producing high quality cleaning products with care for the environment. Today, GUNDAL Care consists of 3 product lines.

The ranges have different purposes, so it's always a good idea to consult our specialists to make sure you get the range that suits your needs. GUNDAL is a family business that has specialised for years in producing products that make a difference, even if we can't see the difference with the naked eye. That's why we guarantee that with our main range "Gundals" you can be sure that your cleaning will be top class. If you want to see more about our product ranges, you can view our catalogues here: CATALOG
Industry and commerce

GUNDAL´s series

The Gundals seriesis GUNDAL's main series and was founded back in 1989 by the then director Arne Gundal. The series started with a few cleaning products, but is today a range of over 75 different products within cleaning, transport etc. The series is built on numbers. The numbers indicate which category the products belong to.

With the series Gundals you get cleaning products that are guaranteed to take your cleaning to the next level. Created with quality in mind, they're guaranteed to remove anything we can't see. In other words, you can safely use the products from Gundals series, if your main purpose of cleaning is to remove bacteria, dirt, etc. The series is dedicated to commercial and industrial cleaning, and you will therefore also find various cleaning items that can make your industrial cleaning easier and ensure good working postures. If you want to see more about the series, take a look at our catalogue. CATALOG

Business and retail 


NOBEL is our latest range of cleaning products.

The range is designed for those who want quality both inside and out. With NOBEL you get a range of products primarily dedicated to the private market, as well as the restaurant and hotel industry. The series is intended to be on display and at hand when needed. With the products from NOBEL, it makes it easy to polish that dirty window, clean the stove or remove limescale instantly, all while blending into any home style and décor. Contents NOBEL are ecological and quality-conscious cleaning products that not only remove bacteria, dirt, etc., but are also developed with the environment in mind. All products are organic and most of our products are even vegan. Look for the green label on the products if you want to go for the vegan products. Take a look in our NOBEL catalogue if you want to see more about the products.

AdBlue and Transport Products

At GUNDAL Care you will find everything within transport products for industry. We supply AdBlue in the quantity you need. Furthermore, you will also find sprinkler fluid, ground cleaner, etc. If you want to see our range of transport products you can click below:


What is AdBlue AdBlue is a product for diesel vehicles that reduces the emission of NOx particles. AdBlue converts exhaust gases into harmless nitrogen and water vapour, thereby reducing the nitrogen oxides that pollute the atmosphere. AdBlue is currently used by both trucks and newer passenger diesel cars. and can be purchased by the average car driver at filling stations. If you wish to order AdBlue, please contact us on 75 33 27 11

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